AUD210 (Studio 1) Week 1 – Formation (Project 1)

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While this week in class was mainly spent on introducing the module and going over all the different learning outcomes, on Wednesday we had a combined class and formed groups for our first project. I was approached by classmates Rachel Margison and Chace Pascoe to join their group and I obliged.

On Wednesday, we discussed ideas such as working interdisciplinary – primarily with film or animation students. Personally I would have liked to work on a games design project – recording and producing foley and a score, but I’m happy to leave that for a future project right now. Rachel mentioned that she had a friend we could record performing an original song of hers.

So far we’re planning to use this song as the base of our project. We should be able to get a studio session next week for the artist to record her vocals and acoustic guitar. From this, we’re planning on producing these recordings into an indie-pop track with electronic elements, and for a possible future project, I could facilitate a remix for this track, delving a little deeper into electronics once I’ve studied EMP elements a bit more and developed my skills. Personally I think at this point we would be over-complicating things if we went interdisciplinary for this first project, but that could change.

Our roles for the studio are as follows: myself as the DAW operator, Rachel as the Live Room operator, and Chace as the Console operator. Outside of the studio, I will be focusing on sequencing, synthesis, and mixing the track, Rachel will be the main liason with the artist for if any further recording sessions are necessary, and Chace will be assisting me with editing vocals.

Project 1 aside, I’ve started working on demos for potential side projects with other students in the class. There are a lot of people in our cohort and I’m willing to work with as many different people as I can. I’m looking forward to the rest of this trimester!

AUD210 (Studio 1) Week 1 – Formation (Project 1)

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