AUD210 (Studio 1) Week 2 – Moving On (Project 1)


A lot happened regarding the project this week to say the least!

On Monday, I was part of a group that did some signal flow practice in the Neve studio before class, where we were presenting our pitches for Project 1. Each person in the studio got to do a speed test, routing a signal with reverb to a headphone mix. I got about 14 seconds which I thought was pretty good despite turning up halfway through the session. I feel like at this point I need a bit more practice in the Neve, especially if I’m looking to book the studio for a recording session in the future.

After that, it was time for the Project 1 pitches. Our group hadn’t had any material prepared, so we came up with a brief powerpoint presentation on the spot, outlining our basic ideas for the project which included our aim for the project, our weekly schedule, our roles (which we had discussed previously) and some reference material. We also discussed booking studio time.

We presented, and we got the “all clear” from our tutors to begin work on the project. We were told that we need to make sure the roles are properly distributed, as there were some concerns about me doing the majority of the work, but everything else seemed fine. Chace booked us a session in the Audient 4816-B Studio for Friday so we could record the artist, but something came up…

Rachel informed us on Wednesday that our artist had pulled out due to not being able to make it in on that day, so we decided to just record Rachel sing an original song. When Friday came around, we had Rachel prepare one of the original songs she had written before, entitled “Move On.” Chace and I set her up in the live room, using an AT2050 mic for the singing (which is a great mic for vocals), and a Rode NT5 matched pair in an XY configuration to pick up a clean stereo image for the acoustic guitar.

When we started recording, we recorded Rachel playing acoustic guitar first without singing to ensure we didn’t have bleed in our takes, then we had her sing while listening to one of the better guitar takes play through a headphone mix. Chace assisted me in the control room by operating the console and setting up the headphone mix. I operated the DAW (ProTools 12) and was the producer of the session. I made sure we had a good amount of vocal and guitar takes to choose from for later edits.

The session went well and we managed to record the necessary elements in the allotted time we had.

The original brief we had constructed was to produce an “indie-pop” track, and our original artist apparently had a great voice for that sort of thing, so recording Rachel perform one of her songs will affect the genre of our track. I’m expecting to lean towards more of an “electronic pop” sound for the project now.

AUD210 (Studio 1) Week 2 – Moving On (Project 1)

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