AUD210 (Studio 1) Week 5 – Collaborations? / Final Mix (Project 1)

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Since last’s week’s blog post was huge, I stopped before I could talk about the 4th version.

Move On – V4

I felt like I couldn’t hear the natural “picked” bass synth much anymore, so I turned it up in the mix. Then for the sub bass, I added in some automation to make it quieter in the intro of the song, so as to not blow out the listeners’ speakers straight off the bat, and also to be less harsh on PA systems that do not output the low end of the frequency spectrum well…

I ended up using both the girls’ vocal edit and also the vocal take that I originally had in there. I then stereo separated them in the mix to give it a “doubled” feel as most pop songs have, while also providing a nicer & wider stereo image for the vocals as a whole.

After two bars of a guitar strum ring-out (from a different take, because the ending strum in the existing take was interrupted by a bit of shuffling on the stool) at the end of the outro, I went a bit experimental and created a new section to give the track a little more length without detracting from the overall song. It was a repetition of the 2nd half of the last chorus, with the arpeggiated synth becoming a bit more technical. Every two bars of this section, an extra midi note is added to the chord being played so it had more notes to play in the arp over time, resulting in a contrasting, solo-like feel compared to the arpeggiation in the choruses.

Non-Track Related Progress

We had been on-and-off discussing the possibility of a graphic design student to make some cover art for the song’s online exhibition on my SoundCloud page, so we could tick off the interdisciplinary learning outcome for our baseline assessments.

Unfortunately we came to the conclusion this week that we did not have enough time to facilitate a design student to do cover art for us before exhibition, so we decided to do it ourselves. Chace provided some beach photography shot at Byron Bay NSW, and we all went through and picked our favourite photograph. I wanted the release to look professional at least up to my own standards, so I took charge of editing the cover art. I produce all of my own graphics for music releases/uploads, so I was no stranger to this.

Assisting Peers / Side Project Possibilities

Oisin McHugh, my contact from Ireland whom I’ve worked with previously in my solo project Intensity and also Nuburo, the internet-based “band” we’re in together (it’s a very tough thing to describe to people) contacted me recently about wanting to rap over some material of mine that I had in the works, because he was home from his overseas job and wanted to “jump on a track” while he had spare time. So I sent him this demo I’ve been working on since around April this year entitled “Mephisto”, and told him to go nuts with it. If all goes well, expect an entirely seperate update on that.

On Wednesday, my classmate Morgan also needed a bit of assistance on his project in regards to arrangement and sequencing woes, and that went really well. It went from a Daft Punk-inspired experiment into what seemed like a promising intro for an electronic track. This project was also based in Ableton Live, so it was quite different to what I am normally used to with FL Studio.

As I work on the final mix of the track over the weekend, I’ll be talking about the outcomes of that with the next post as well as the presentation and how well our group hopefully does.

AUD210 (Studio 1) Week 5 – Collaborations? / Final Mix (Project 1)

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