AUD210 (Studio 1) Week 6 – Project 1 Wrap-Up (Project 1)


Over the weekend, Oisin had given me feedback on Move On, which I took on board to the best of my ability, and before our final presentation this week (literally the night before – Sunday night), I had finished the final mix of our song, and also made the last minute decision of offering an acoustic version + instrumental of the main version as well as the origianal mix, just because it’s always been a thing with my releases – I just miss the CD single format (song + B-sides) that was ever so popular in the 90’s to mid 00’s so I like to incorporate that whenever I release a single. So with that in mind, I didn’t want to release the song without cover art, so I used one of Chace’s photos from going to the beach at Byron Bay a couple months ago, and found a really nice picture of some rocks, and a couple birds. Using that I created a very simple cover art just with some minor blurring behind the text and a logo of mine underneath the text. Sometimes having a history in graphic design is helpful.


Well the final Project 1 presentations came around and I was pleasantly surprised to hear the comments from the audience about the mix – the general reaction was positive. One person liked the stereo imaging that I did with the vocals, another liked the breakdown at the end before the final instrumental section. There were even a few people that came up to me afterwords and praised me for the mixing. I feel like the main reason why it ended up sounding so good was due to the tuning of the drum samples – which is a very popular method in electronic music, especially trap, drum&bass and dubstep.

Clicking on the above cover art will take you to the song’s SoundCloud page, where you can download the “EP” absolutely free. We decided to use my SoundCloud account as it has a decent following already at about 450 followers. We’re most likely going to put it up on bandcamp as well, but I’ll have to talk with Rachel about that since there’s the issue of copyright and who will own what when it comes to sharing revenue.

Another one of my contacts Blast Radius left a comment on the upload, expressing his interest in the blend of genres I have managed to pull off. Maybe I’m good at this genre-blending concept – I may save this for a future project.

Overall I’m happy with the outcomes of this project, whether it was the quality of the finished product, or the lack of planning which ultimately led to me doing a lot of the technical work. I don’t mind doing most of the work, but looking back on it now it seems detrimental that we did not start with a project plan, and just ‘went for it’. It has been a learning experience – I’ll do my best to make planning a priority for future projects. I’ll need to discuss with Rachel what she took away from this project and see if she had the same concerns as I did.

AUD210 (Studio 1) Week 6 – Project 1 Wrap-Up (Project 1)

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