AUD210 (Studio 1) Week 7 – Trimester Break + Project 2 Ideas



So this week has been a break, but I haven’t exactly been relaxing…

I had a transferable skills assessment to complete – I filled out a form explaining how I’d rate myself in relation to the key performance indicators. Needless to say I didn’t give myself much time to complete it – rushing through it in 20 minutes so I could get to my 3pm meeting on time – where one of my lecturers could tell that I rushed it, and instructed me not to for the next one (which will be next trimester) and take the time to really think about things + provide evidence of why I think I’m masterful or adequate in a certain soft skill. I get it, it is important to consider this stuff, but I guess I’ve been overwhelmed so far by what this studio unit actually requires of me. It’s a big jump going from Production 1 to Studio 1 here at SAE, and this meeting made me realise that more than ever. I’ve been behind in my progress blogs, so I know I’m not going to be getting a distinction. Would like to try and aim for at least a credit then, since I know I can do better.

Anyway, with project 1 officially behind me, I’ve been outsourcing artists & classmates to work with me on the second project. A mutual friend of my roommate and I started up this alternative rock duo entitled ‘Nana Nangz‘, and they already have a video of one of their songs on facebook, though the audio is really quiet due to the video being recorded on a phone in the wind.

The video was a viral success overnight and ended up with a thousand views the next morning. I thought to myself this would be a great opportunity to help an artist develop into getting that many views on the regular. It was a great, well written song, and I asked the guy that I knew if they wanted studio time. He gave me a positive response, and so I ended up liaising with him and the other member of the duo. It was quite an easy exchange, especially when I asked the guy if he was going for a ‘Seven Nation Army‘ (by The White Stripes) kind of vibe, and he agreed and said that’s exactly what they were going for. So, awesome, I’ve got that basically sorted!

I pitched the idea to Campbell (classmate), since I thought this could be a really good opportunity, and he agreed to help me out if his current ideas for project 2 weren’t going to cut the mustard. So we’ve started working on a powerpoint presentation for the pitch on monday next week. So far we haven’t bothered with any sort of official planning, but it is in the back of my mind, and once we get official confirmation from the band and whether they will be available to commence work on the project – we will have a project plan up on Trello ready to be checked by the lecturers.

AUD210 (Studio 1) Week 7 – Trimester Break + Project 2 Ideas

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