AUD210 (Studio 1) Week 8 – Nana Nangz: The Rise & Fall (Project 2)


Welp, we thought we had a good thing going.

Despite Campbell not being able to make it in for the pitch presentation, it went really well. My lecturers thought we had an achievable project ahead of us. I even had the interdisciplinary aspect covered with an animator at the ready to do a lyric video for Nana Nangz’s song ‘Asshole’, which I pitched as the ‘star’ of the EP, the main single.

Prior to the pitch presentation I had talked with the artists about studio time, and they said that any Saturday afternoon would be fine. So I went ahead and booked a 4 hour time slot in the Neve studio from 5pm-9pm today.

Unfortunately if you think everything ever is always going to go to plan without fail, you’re gonna have a rude awakening.

Last night while Campbell was working, there was a ruckus in the group chat I had set up for Nana Nangz, Dismay (roommates’ band who were going to record guitars and drums for us), Campbell and I to all get aquainted with each other. There was a small disagreement which ended up sparking an internal argument between the two Nana Nangz members. This resulted in neither one of the two being interested in coming in the next day for the recording session – talk about unprofessional!

It’s a shame because I was looking forward to working with these people. I’d be willing to give them a second chance if they were willing to patch things up, but it seems like the pair have separated – one is remaining in Nana Nangz while the other set off to pursue a solo project.

The joke is on them though – we hadn’t really done any official ‘planning’ yet so it was probably for the best.


Earlier tonight, I had Campbell come visit my apartment to discuss new project ideas in the time we initially had set out for the first recording session. We discussed the idea of a Dubstep/Metal EP released under both of our artist names. At this point in time I have a few work-in-progress demos that I could work on and get in shape for recording for/releasing. This way we could still utilise my roommates.


These are the demos that I’m thinking of using for the project as it stands. I’m still not too sure about the third track – either more searching through my demo projects folder or the writing of new material may be required.

Here’s what Campbell had to say about this week.

AUD210 (Studio 1) Week 8 – Nana Nangz: The Rise & Fall (Project 2)

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