AUD210 (Studio 1) Week 9 – New Beginnings: HesherTensity & Dismay (Project 2)


Don’t ask, I just felt like using a Rick Pic.

Probably because I’m feeling really good about this project now. We had a pretty productive session yesterday in the studio – tracking guitar and bass tracks. It was very beneficial having Sean and Richard from Dismay come in – we let them tweak their own settings in Guitar Rig and they were super cool with learning the parts on the spot and getting all three of the tracks done. However we did not have the time to record drums – so this will have to wait for next week. This is fine because none of us have plans or anywhere important to be.

Also should probably mention that I didn’t know you had to book the drum kits, and that they just came with the live room! (The kit was booked out when we went to use it, and plus it was pretty awkward without cymbals or a snare stand…) So yeah, that’s another reason why the drums didn’t get recorded. Slight miscommunication issue but nothing we can’t work around, considering next week the drums are completely free.


The above uploads are the versions we tracked the guitar and bass to. I still need to come back into uni at some stage and print the guitar and bass stems due to neither Campbell or I actually owning Guitar Rig ourselves.

Zeroth got replaced by another demo entitled Miniband, which I uploaded to the slack feedback channel earlier in the week. It got a positive reception there and so I thought why not just use this song instead of Miniband? It clearly has the potential to be a something huge, rather than ‘mini’. (I’m so funny!) Big Boss and Undercut were also worked on quite a bit. I’m very happy with the way Undercut is turning out now, considering it started out as a simple trap beat with no harmonic or melodic content at all.

Another thing I’m yet to mention is that we had a meeting with our animator on Tuesday, whom is still keen to do some sort of visualisation for us (akin to Trap Nation). Shannara is more than confident that she’ll be able to get us a final product by the time our project is due to present – I’ve already provided her with a rough mix of Big Boss, and all we will have to do is update Nara with the final mix of Big Boss, which is to be completed by Campbell in accordance with our project plan (which is now on Trello!).

Should be smooth sailing from here on out, unless we encounter some problems with recording the drums next week – we are booked into the Audient 4816-B, and I have heard that there is a busted channel strip on the console, but we will see what we can do.

AUD210 (Studio 1) Week 9 – New Beginnings: HesherTensity & Dismay (Project 2)

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