AUD210 (Studio 1) Teamwork: An Interview + Side Project


In a recent interview I had with Rachel, we discussed our projects that we’ve worked on between ourselves & our roles within them. We came to some beneficial conclusions that will help us in future projects.

For project 1, which was a song that Rachel had written/composed and I had produced, mixed and mastered, we agreed that the roles were not evenly spread out, which we were both at fault for. I personally wanted to take on most of the workload mainly because I’ve always been so used to working alone, that I’ve developed a ‘do it yourself if you want it done right’ mentality. Rachel explained that it wasn’t only me that was in the wrong though, as her and Chace didn’t exactly ask me if there was anything I wanted them to do.

I feel as if part of the reason the roles weren’t evenly spread is that we didn’t spend enough time discussing each role and what performance standards are required. Which also came from the complete lack of a project plan. Having worked with Rachel in the previous trimester, we both kinda had ‘backburner’ roles in the group we were in, especially when it came to the studio sessions. It was hard for me to adapt to another group’s hardwired framework when my original group had split up resulting in myself joining the new group that Rachel was a part of. This was a challenge I didn’t think I was ready for and didn’t want to ‘upset the apple cart’ so I just took on whatever roles the other group members would give me. Coming from that experience and into this one with project 1, I feel like that is why I wanted to step forward and take responsibility for most of the work this time around, and with Rachel having to work with me again she probably wanted more of a lead role as well, but I stepped in and said I wanted to be the main ‘techie’.

However, after the wrapping up of project 1 and beginning to work on project 2 with Campbell and also another side project with Rachel, I’ve changed my mentality to not only keep my roles organised and under control, but also encourage whoever else I’ve been working with to stay on top of what they had to do as well, instead of just taking on their role for them.

Through these experiences, I’ve learned that teamwork and planning go hand in hand. If each member of a team doesn’t have a specific role, you don’t end up with a team, but rather a whole heap of ‘bench warmers’.

It’s just like trying to play a game of say, League of Legends, and everyone on the team decides they all want to go down the bottom lane. Who is going to look after the top and middle lanes? That’s where project planning comes in.

This is the side project I have been working on with Rachel, it started off as a simple 16 bar melodic loop that Rachel had made sampling a vocal cut (courtest of Chace) and making a cool melody for it. Rachel originally had the idea of pitching this to Game Dev. students if any wanted to use it as part of a soundtrack, and this could still very well happen in the future. What I bring to the table is a ‘remix’ of that original idea into a track that I may get a vocalist to sing or rap on in the future. She basically gave me the loop and told me to ‘Mash’d N Kutcher’ it, which I’m sure translates to “remix it”, so that’s exactly what I did.

If you’d like to check out what Rachel had to say, click here.

AUD210 (Studio 1) Teamwork: An Interview + Side Project

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