Week 1 – Happy 2017!


This week was my first week back at SAE Brisbane for the new year & fourth trimester of my bachelor’s degree. It feels good to be back although I could’ve gone with a couple more weeks of holidays!

In the holidays, I played around with a number of personal audio projects, including a new song from the album project I have been working on for two years (entered in the Open Labs Monthly Music Contest), a ‘bork remix’ of a Linkin Park song (no, not Numb, I wish I made that one though, mine was kind of inspired by it).


I was also introduced to this TV series on adult swim by a friend, called “Check It Out with Dr. Steve Brule” which is a series of episodes that present a very quirky, self-unaware send up of old tv and news media from the 80s. The show stars John C. Reilly as the aloof Dr. Steve Brule who works on the fictitious Channel 5 news team. Brule is originally from the show “Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show” as a supporting character.

The VHS tape and audio glitching give it a very sketchy feel which overall adds to the dry humour that this show supplies ever so unknowlingly. It might be a funny thing to do dialogue replacement for. Here are some clips from Season 4 of the show:

So for this trimester we will be mainly focusing on post-production, with bits of live sound towards the end of the trimester. Today in particular, we ventured outside and did some location recording – capturing all sorts of foley sounds including water splashes, birds, voice, ambience, snapping sticks & hitting various things with various other things.

As far as projects go, we need to do an audio replacement project this trimester by week 6. I’ve been talking to both Campbell and Rachel about possible project ideas, but have not decided on anything in particular yet. Campbell discussed his idea with me – an audio replacement of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Announcement Trailer in which he’ll be replacing the audio cues to reverse the narrative of the good guys & the bad guys. It’s an interesting & funny sounding concept, so I’ll be keen to work with him on that.

I’m honestly looking forward to the rest of the trimester, because skills in post-production will ultimately lead to a lot of interdisciplinary work!

Week 1 – Happy 2017!

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