Breathing Noises & Project Plans


*breathes in* BOOOOIII!

This week I had the fortunate experience of assisting Rachel with some voice acting for her sound replacement project, which is her spin on the ‘[song title] without music‘ fad/meme that has been fairly popular on YouTube in the last few years. I helped her pick the AudioTechnica AT-2050 Condenser Mic for the job as it picks up vocals of any kind very clearly. We used the included pop-filter to remove undesired sibilance from the sound source (my voice) to give it more of a natural base sound for her to then apply the desired spectral and dynamic processing. Lots of weird noises were made but in the end it was a productive session and she basically has everything she needs now (unless she doesn’t).

Another session had a fellow classmate (Fraser) and I doing voice acting to replace the original dialogue in a monty python clip. The session was inspiring, and it gave us the idea to start a project together – replacing the audio and dialogue of Michael Cusack’s iconic viral hit, “Damo & Darren” episode – “Ciggy Butt Brain”…

…Except we’re making it ‘posh’.

Another classmate (Blake) is also going to help out. Fraser will be mainly in charge of the narrative direction (script writing), Blake will be in charge of foley, and I will be in charge of mixing and seeking feedback from peers. Both Fraser and I will be the budding voice actors for this project – Fraser will be Darren and I’ll be recording Damo (or Damien, now that we’re going in a ‘posh’ direction).

Our production plan can be viewed here.

Breathing Noises & Project Plans

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