Nicotine Gluteus Mind


WOT ye doin’ m8?

So yeah, this week marks the first week of production for our audio replacement task – my team and I had our first session for it on Friday. We had it booked for 4 hours, which was a lot longer than we needed for what we planned to do that day – so we had some extra time on our hands.

Before all of this though, our teacher Rose got back to us on Monday with some feedback to update our project plan with by Wednesday – the only thing we were missing was the asset list, which Blake supplied for us and I was able to include it easily. Also, the plan was formulated before Blake had joined us so I had to make changes to the plan with consideration of him and his roles in the production team.

Before we talk about Friday let’s skip back to Thursday…


Working with people in other time zones can be draining at some times, they’re never around when you want them to be and vice versa for them. In my case, I was rapidly becoming uninterested in one project in particular I’ve been working on since mid 2011. My international contact and also my vocalist, Leon, was locking horns with me over the stylistic direction of our ‘internet band’ Nuburo. He wants to do this for a living, and his argument is that we have to change our style into a more mainstream & digest-able form (which in his mind means ‘cheesy pop’). I wasn’t ready to destroy what we had going, so I ultimately disagreed with him, and after a long and heated debate, I took to the private Facebook group for my university degree’s cohort to seek feedback and vision.

Here are some of the demos I sent to the SAE group for feedback:


Some really constructive things were said by a few of my classmates about our vision and where we should be headed. Some agreed that we should only change our sound if it was something we all were excited about, and others said that we should consider bringing in some mainstream elements to our sound without ruining our uniqueness and credibility that we already have going. After all of this was said, I was able to settle things with Leon, as it seems that both of us were taking each other too literally in what was said. I guess that shows how serious both of us are about the music we create.

Okay, now back to Friday. ^_^


Firstly we recorded the required sounds for the off-screen cigarette drag, which included the lighter flick (Fraser had a zippo lighter), inhaling & exhaling (Fraser breathing in & out), ‘burning noises’ (rustling of some old cassette tape) & footsteps (additional sound to compliment the footsteps asset we already have).

“We recorded the lighter sparking up, the breathing in and a light crackle of the ciggie. We also recorded a few fleshy thwap sounds to mix in with some already recorded footsteps to make them sound more like the bare footed Damo.”

– Fraser Williams, 2017.


For the remainder of the session we had Blake operate ProTools & desk as Fraser and I started recording the dialogue which Fraser had scripted. We found that when we actually went to record, some of the lines didn’t work as well as we thought they would in the booth VS on paper, so I helped Fraser come up with some new lines on the spot (“Nicotine Gluteus Mind” being my wacky idea to replace “Ciggy Butt Brain”). The script isn’t fully complete, so we only recorded what we had scripted. We got the idea also to include some of the original lines to make it feel more like a parody – the basic premise after all was to replace the original ‘bogan’ audio with ‘posh accents’, the new dialogue is just a bonus for us.

After the session, Fraser and I each took home a copy of the session to edit the dialogue takes, so we get to decide for ourselves exactly which of our lines were better.

Hopefully if all goes well, I should have my dialogue bits edited by next session, but otherwise it isn’t that much of a big deal, we still have plenty of time to record the other parts and any other required foley and sfx.

Nicotine Gluteus Mind

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