Side Project Ideas & Pheasant Hunting


“Ah, splendid. Those pheasants won’t hunt themselves.”

This week, the rest of the script was written for our audio replacement project, and some ideas for a side project spawned out of nowhere.

A classmate took to facebook to rant about & dispute a video which stated that men have to always pay for dates because females are always spending money on themselves to “look as good as they do”. I jokingly commented something along the lines of “let’s do a diss track of her as a side project”, and he actually took it into consideration, with another one of my classmates jumping in and showing his interest too. So I worked on a beat for about 45 minutes, it didn’t take long to produce since I was thinking about all of our hatred for this video combined.

Friday came around and we had our second studio session in the C24. Today we had scheduled to start the dialogue but because recording the foley didn’t take as long as we’d thought it would, we’d already started recording half of the lines. Fraser and I still had not finished writing the script by today, because we weren’t sure whether we would be improvising for this second half (because there’s a lot of random nonsense at the end in the original) or actually writing it (so if people do pay attention there are diamonds in the rough, so to speak). We decided on the latter, so I assisted Fraser in writing the second half of the script before we did any more recording. Then we recorded the lines and ended up changing a few of them as we went, because some just didn’t work at all with the motion of the mouths in the animation.

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Fraser and I decided to work on separate vocal edits for next weeks session – editing our own vocals and deciding which of our own takes are our best ones.

Side Project Ideas & Pheasant Hunting

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