Studio Time w/The Febs + ADR Wrap Up

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On Monday the whole class was all individually allocated 4 half hour time slots to go into the Neve studio and assist in the recording of a band. While recording, we were also doing a live mix of the audio to try and get a feel for the songs before we go off and do our individual mixes. The Febs were easy to work with – there was clear communication between the engineers and the band members, and we knew exactly what they felt like trying performance-wise and what points in the song they wanted to be dropped in on for takes. Some tracks were recorded to a click but there was one that was not, and also had a different live room setup. There were a few instances in the tracks with the clicks where we tried changing the click track to be a bit faster or slower until we found a tempo where they could deliver the most comfortable performance.


Friday came around and we were back in the C24 for our final ADR session. I ended up editing both mine and Fraser’s lines just in case he liked my edit better, and to my surprise he didn’t end up finding time to do an actual edit. The only bad thing that really happened though was for some reason the script file for Elastic Audio was missing from my protools application files, so I could not use elastic audio to stretch some lines to be a bit more in time with the animation. We tried doing a bit of that in the studio, which Blake later ended up redoing himself because a couple of lines were noticeably garbled from the time stretching, and so he tried to stretch the files as much as he could without the lines sounding too garbled. Fraser and I also had a bit more time to edit our audio individually, and I noticed that there were a few takes in there that could have been better so I swapped them before we ended the session. We also had Rachel with us who was booked to use the studio after us but came in to give us feedback as we went, because it’s nice sometimes, having a fourth set of ears.


With that all being said, we’re now done with recording, and it’s over to Blake now to do the final mix. I have posted a draft of the animation with our dialogue to slack for feedback, but it was low quality due to the type of file I rendered it as, so we got a few comments about that, but there wasn’t much I could do. Fortunately Blake uploaded a 2nd draft in better quality which got some more helpful feedback for us.

Studio Time w/The Febs + ADR Wrap Up

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