ADR Project Completion & Exhibition

This week is the week where we officially concluded our audio replacement project task with an exhibition to the other members of the class. Above is the final version of our proposed deliverable – a re-dubbed animation originally created by Michael Cusack/Gillsberry []. I uploaded the video onto my channel which has about 3.5k subscribers, so I knew there’d be at least a few people out there that would see this and like what they saw. I also shared the link to the video on facebook where it got a fair bit of attention by my friends and family (oh god, that’s right, I did a voice for that video).

The feedback we received for the project from our lecturer was overall positive with some things that could’ve been improved here and there, such as more emphasis on the actual foley sounds that were implemented into the recording, since the music somewhat drowns them out, just so we could demonstrate our skills a little better. That, and there was probably not really that much to do for a team of three people.

I managed to show the project to Cusack and he loved it, basically saying he wouldn’t change anything about it and overall thinks it’s great. Not as constructive as I probably would’ve hoped but at least we got some validation.

I’m still pretty happy with how it all turned out though, the music adds a really nice touch to the whole ‘poshness’ of the new dialogue, and it wouldn’t really feel the same without it. The amount of foley wasn’t over the top or complicated, and it was true to the original in that aspect – the original only really had the train station ambience and the dialogue – if we went further and tried to put in too many sounds that weren’t originally there, it might have been too chaotic or take away from the rewritten dialogue. The audio was recorded and processed with no problems relating to quality or massive noise floors, and didn’t sound over compressed, so we chose the right microphone for the job (AKG414), and the right space to record it in (the C24’s foley booth).

When it came to being a voice actor, it was definitely a new experience and probably better left to somebody more talented (haha!) but I had fun with it, and tried a lot of different things on the fly which in some cases replaced some of the lines we had already scripted. Improvisation – never underestimate it.

The team was great to work with, we all had a clear idea of what we had to do regarding our roles & responsibilities, and we all pulled our weight. Sometimes we got sidetracked but we were still able to pull ourselves back together and get to work. It’s good to have fun and enjoy your work because it creates a positive environment, but you’ve still gotta work because sometimes it can be detrimental to productivity. Luckily it wasn’t, because this project was something we were all really interested in, and once we got the ball rolling, it didn’t stop rolling – excuse the metaphor. We still quote our lines from this project from time to time when chatting with each other to have a bit of a laugh. There was never a dull moment working on this project.

ADR Project Completion & Exhibition

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