The Febs – When It’s Morning (After Feedback)

So in class we ended up showing the lecturers our mixes and we all got some general feedback. I think the main thing my lecturer was concerned about with a few of us was the panning on the drums, it sounded like we might have panned our overheads wrong in some cases, and he worded it like “it feels like the toms are all over the place when the fills come in”.

More specific feedback I received was that the kick felt a little too boxy, there was a little too much sibilance in the vocals, and that I should probably ease a bit off 0.00dB a bit on the maximus, because it felt like it was about to clip. Otherwise everything was pretty damn good in my mix.

In that same class our lecturer showed us something we could do to replace a kick or snare track with ‘signal generator triggers’. The way it works is this, create an aux track with a signal generator on it (whatever kind of tone you need – low sine tone for the kick and a noise tone for a snare bottom) and put a gate on it, with the kick or snare feeding into the gate as the key side-chain input, so the tone triggers every time the kick or snare does.

The changes I made to the mix I feel accurately fixed these problems and then some, so I’ll walk through some of the changes I made.

  • Shaped the kick EQ to focus less on the mids and more on the lower mid .frequencies and turned up the high mid frequencies at 3kHz and 6kHz a bit too.
  • Use sidechain triggers to generate a fake kick and snare using low sine (82Hz) and white noise generators. Had to EQ the generated snare a little bit because it was a bit too obvious that it was white noise.
  • Put a Mod Delay III on the egg mic double bass to make it a little bit wider.
  • Changed the overhead EQ a bit to focus a lot more on high mids, because the cymbals weren’t sounding bright enough.
  • Put a De-Esser on the lead vocals.
  • Duplicated the guitar in the last chorus onwards and dropped it down an octave in pitch just to give it a bit more variation & colour in the mix.
  • Panned the guitars a bit more apart.


Overall it was some really good feedback and it was thanks to that I could improve my mix and overall make it brighter. I think if you compare the last mix to this one, it’s like this one’s the one where you’re sober and the last one is like after you’ve had a few drinks!

The Febs – When It’s Morning (After Feedback)

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