The May Holidays


Apart from celebrating my birthday and drinking my weight in alcohol, I managed to work on a few things over the trimester break.

I had the novelty of working with “Media Madman Matt Ives” to record a film review for a contest run by Triple J to replace the retired Marc Fennell. Unfortunately there were 1,300 applicants and there can only be one winner (spoiler alert – it wasn’t Matt), but the project was still fun and useful to help bring me back down to ground zero for the upcoming trimester. Listen to it here:

In other news, I’ve done something that I’ve been meaning to do for a couple years now. I’ve released a collection of my Linkin Park remixes from over the last 5 years for free download. Of course it’s free – if I charged for this I’d, definitely be done for copyright, since I don’t have the correct rights to do so. I also included one of my most recent remixes, one of their February single ‘Heavy‘.

Part 1 | Part 2

Not only have I done that, but I’ve also released another original song – ‘System Control‘ – featuring a couple of my international contacts – Akira Phoenix and Voidrone. Ashton (Akira Phoenix) is on rap vocals with Jack Whitaker (Voidrone) on the unclean screams in the choruses.

This just goes to show that if the gears of university stop, my cogs keep turning. I never stop working – I’m always coming up with new ideas for music projects. I look forward to what I can achieve this trimester,

The May Holidays

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