Holden Cruze Ad – Planning & Budgeting

One of my projects this trimester is to fully replace the audio of an advertisement of our choice from a list of 5 different ones. I picked the Holden Cruze ad, because I immediately had an idea for a composition for it after watching it. I got home and did a quick draft of my composition paired with the video file of the advertisement.


Now, I’ve completed a project plan for this sound replacement – you can check it out here. I’ve dealt with risk mitigation, milestones, technical frameworks, schedules and asset lists before, but this is the first time I’ve considered both the intended audience reactions and the budget. So I did some research and found some info about both the required equipment and spaces I would need:

Spaces Needed:

  • C24 Post-Pro Studio, SAE Institute [For Dialogue Recording/Foley Recording/Editing]
    Hours: 4 | Total estimated cost: $330
  • Avid S6 Studio, SAE Institute [For Mixing/Mastering]
    Hours: 8 | Total estimated cost: $528

I came up with these estimates using the booking prices over at Salt Studios as examples (“Studio A” for the S6, “Studio B” for the C24).

  • Fire Exit Stairs, SAE Institute [For Foley Recording]
  • Indoor/Staff Car Park, SAE Institute [For Foley Recording]

These do not require any money as booking is not necessary at these places. However you do need to be a student to access these places, but generally in a real world scenario you would just use any fire exit staircase or underground car park.

Equipment Needed:

  • AKG C414 XLS Condenser Mic [For Female Voiceover/Foley Recording]
    Days: 2 | Total estimated cost: $120

Although it is tempting to pay a little bit more to get this beautiful thing for a whole week I would only need it for two, and it’s good to cut costs wherever you can. Source: Brisbane Sound Group.

  • EV RE20 Dynamic Mic [For Male Voiceovers]
    Days: 1 | Total estimated cost: $30

Using the 3 day hire price for the EV RE20 at MicRentals.com, after converting the currency, I estimated that to hire this microphone for a day, it would cost near $30 AU. I couldn’t find any Australian sources.

  • Zoom h4n Recorder [For Location Foley]
    Days: 2 | Total estimated cost: $55

CameraHire.com.au had replaced their H4n Audio Recorders with H5 Handy Recorders, and did not display the prices for the former, so I just used the H5 prices to come up with the estimate of $55 for a 2-day hire.

  • XLR Cable x2 [For Dialogue Recording/Foley Recording]
    Purchase | $19

I figured if I were to do this in the real world, I would just buy the damn things. Quick google search is all I needed to work this out. Always good to have a spare one around!

Other costs:

  • Bus fares: $35 [For Transport]

I just had to sell my car for rent money, didn’t I?

Grand estimated total budget: $1,116

That’s a lot of big ones. I’m sure for a profitable cause it’d be easy to find the funding you need. I may have to look into this further…

2016 Chevrolet Cruze

But for now, I’m fairly happy about the way I’ve planned this project.

Holden Cruze Ad – Planning & Budgeting

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