EP with Blayde – Project Pitch Reflection


So today I had my pitch for my major project this trimester.

The project will produce the following:

  • A 5-track EP – 5 .WAV stereo interleaved files at 44.1kHz sample rate & 24bit depth.
  • Album artwork – 2000×2000 .PNG image file.
  • Digital ArtBook – .PDF file

One major amendment that I would go back and make to my presentation would be to include Keely Menzie in the roles & responsibilities slide as an assistant recording engineer.

Another thing I did not consider at all is the budget. Budgets, in the real world, are very important, and we’re very close to being pushed out the doors of SAE and into the real world, so we’re going to have to do these eventually. Why not start now?

Something I’m thankful of including in my pitch were some “Plan B” ideas just in case the project falls apart due to unforeseen circumstances.

Overall I thought the presentation went fairly good, but I could’ve improved it by going into more detail on the risk mitigation, project management, and showcasing more of my productions that could possibly be incorporated into the EP. Like these:


EP with Blayde – Project Pitch Reflection

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