About Me


Greetings! My name is Jolon Silk and I am a committed, full-time student of SAE Institute at Brisbane, QLD. I devote the majority of my time towards productions that deliver cutting edge sounds. I heard that the Brisbane campus was the best Audio SAE campus on the globe, so I moved all the way to Brisbane from Bega, NSW. Yep, long way.

I am currently studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Audio, focusing on studio production, recording, and DAW editing/operation (ProTools 12). I am also involved in music projects with a number of internet-based collaborators.

In my younger years, I used to play a lot of different video games, and always loved it when a game had a very definitive soundtrack – whenever you would hear it, you would just know it was from “that game”. When I was about 14, I installed a MIDI editor application called “Anvil Studio” and started downloading MIDI files of my favourite background music from my favourite games, and started playing around with them.

A couple of years later and I fell in love with the band Linkin Park. Not only was i interested in their songwriting, but also the definitive sound the band had to offer to make them stand out from the crowd. To this day, I still love the band. With each album release, they manage to consolidate a new sound. That versatility is what I aim to achieve with my productions.

At the end of high school, I went on to study Information Technology and Web Design courses while working part time… and while I thought I was decent at both of those things, I felt like I didn’t really “belong” in those industries. I’m good with computers but I didn’t want to be in front of them 24/7, and I would much rather be able to make my own graphics and retain full creative control over my professional image.

I never stopped messing around with sounds/music/audio, I was determined to break ground. Eventually, I started to write my own songs using a demo version of FL Studio. I didn’t know much about music at all, and I learned mostly through trial and error as opposed to study. I ended up with my sophomore album! I couldn’t believe it at the time… As cheesy as it was, it’s still the foundation of my career.

Fast forward to today… I’ve had success on YouTube with a number of my remixes getting popular (over 20,000 views, some even breaking into six figures). I’ve had a couple of tracks get web radio play, and I’ve worked on numerous projects including solo projects (4 solo albums) and projects with contacts I have made through Facebook and YouTube.

I’ve finally found my passion.

Contact me @ officialintensityjs@gmail.com